Melania Trump Wins ‘Substantial’ Settlement Against Blogger Who Claimed She Was an ‘Escort’ Who Suffered a ‘Breakdown’

When blogger Webster Tarpley mused on his site that Melania Trump might have once worked as a high-end escort – that is, a prostitute – he probably had no idea that the First Lady would rise in defense of her good name. Taking issue with his entirely unsubstantiated claims, Trump sued Tarpley for libel, with the first round of proceedings ruling in favor of the First Lady and the final judgement also coming in her favor, ordering the blogger to pay a “substantial” amount of money to Trump:

“In his statement obtained by the Post, Tarpley said he posted an article “replete with false and defamatory statements” about Melania without any “legitimate factual basis” and apologized to the first lady.

The settlement comes less than two weeks after Montgomery County Circuit Judge Sharon Burrell rejected arguments by Tarpley’s lawyers that the suit should be dismissed, the Wrap reported.

Lawyers for Tarpley argued that the lawsuit failed to meet the standard for “actual malice” regarding public figures.”


Source: Breitbart



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