McCarthy: ‘There are Islamic supremacists inside the national security apparatus of the United States government’

Many Americans have been wondering whose side Barack Obama and the administration are on.  When Americans learned that our government was actually supplying ISIS with cash and weapons and that the DHS is using terrorist sympathizers as advisers, people start to get suspicious.

This week's attempt by the Justice Department to scrub all reference to Islam in Omar Mateen's 911 call may be the straw that breaks the camel's back for many Americans.  And former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy is not remaining silent.

McCarthy said the announcement by Attorney General Loretta Lynch that references to Islam and ISIS will be scrubbed from transcripts of jihadi Omar Mateen’s call to 911 during the Orlando attack was clear evidence that “the government is becoming sharia-adherent, and the Left is using the same tactic with respect to law enforcement against radical Islamic extremism that it uses in the area of what they call ‘climate change.’”

“That is, they have an official version of events, which may be part of a counter-universe, but it’s their story and they’re sticking to it,” he elaborated, adding:

What they’re trying to do is purge any alternative explanation. So the administration has the position that “violent extremism,” which is what they call it, is disconnected from any credible interpretation of Islam – that Islam is singularly a “religion of peace,” and there is to be no other interpretation of it. And, therefore, anything that shows the direct nexus between Islamic doctrine and jihadist terror is to be suppressed.

McCarthy noted the absurdity of the situation by looking back to his time as a prosecutor in the 1990s, when he proved “exactly that connection” in court: “that is, that there are these commands to violence in the Koran, they’re mediated by these influential jihadist sharia jurists, and then acts of terrorism get carried out.”

Many on the left are sure to cry “Islamaphobia!” at McCarthy's remarks instead of attempt to argue the content.  With only a little over 200 days left in office, it is unlikely to see the president reverse course in his Sharia-adherent path.

Listen to the interview below where McCarthy reveals the deep infiltration of vital sectors of our government by Islamic supremacists:

Other prominent figures to come forward to reveal this alarming information includes 4 Star Admiral Lyons:

As well as 3 Star General Boykin:

Do Islamists have control of our government? It would certainly explain how Obama has been able to get away with committing so many crimes and violations of our Constitution as well as explain why the rest of our government seems all to happy to let him do so.

If these dire warnings are indeed true, it is a reality that the majority of Americans have missed. Civil war seems inevitable at this point.

Source: Breitbart



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