McCain: We Don’t Answer to Trump, We’re Not His Subordinates

Cantankerous Arizona Senator John McCain hasn’t mellowed at all after his diagnosis of brain cancer following removal of a tumor.

The 81-year old has been a persistent thorn in the side of President Donald Trump, even since the president was still a candidate working for the Republican nomination. McCain has steadfastly tried to distinguish the GOP as a party with separate values from those of Trump.

McCain keeps up his steady drumbeat of anti-Trump rhetoric, knowing the mainstream media will provide him with a megaphone any time he seeks one.

On Thursday, the self-styled maverick provided an op-ed to the Washington Post that continued to stake out his position vis-à-vis the president.

On the next page, learn the defiant language McCain used to belittle President Trump and put greater distance between himself and the president. Naturally, the media darling got the attention he so avidly craves.




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