McCain: We Don’t Answer to Trump, We’re Not His Subordinates

McCain clearly sees Congress’s role as being a check on the president’s power and a counterbalance to his agenda. He claims to respect the president’s constitutional authority and responsibilities, but at the same time, belittles President Trump’s lack of political experience.

What McCain doesn’t comprehend is that Trump’s so-called lack of political experience is a key factor that attracted much of his support in the first place.

The American people, particularly those in the middle class and American heartland, are fed up with political hacks like McCain who’ve overstayed their welcome and become part of the DC Swamp.

Clueless as ever, McCain can’t see that his long tenure in Washington may have played a role in his failure as a presidential candidate in 2008 against a Democrat opponent with virtually no experience.

Showing he can deliver platitudes with the best of them, McCain noted the following:

We must, where we can, cooperate with him. But we are not his subordinates. We don’t answer to him. We answer to the American people.”

But, McCain decided to go beyond the boilerplate platitudes and sharpen his tone. Move to the final page:




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