McCain: Rand Paul is Working with Vladimir Putin

McCain: Rand Paul is Working with Vladimir Putin

What's the difference between the United States and a Die Hard movie? Besides the obvious lack of John McClane, not a whole lot, at least in the minds of most Democrats and a few Republicans. According to their logic, Russia is a super villain and it's up to the United States to stop them. That's why they've been blamed for so much, including tampering with the presidential elections among other things. And according to John McCain, not to be confused with John McClane, Rand Paul is in cohoots with Vladimir Putin to see the systematic destruction of all of Russia's neighboring countries. Which is odd…

Remember when McCain claimed that Russia “hacking” the elections was an act of war and then WikiLeaks reported that McCain actually solicited campaign contributions from the Russians during his bid for president? Uh oh, somebody got caught with their hands in the contradicting cookie jar. Or maybe he's been holding a grudge for all of these years, which in the case of politics is extremely likely. In either case, he certainly had a bone to pick with Rand Paul during a speech on the Senate floor last week.

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