Maxine Waters Outlines Plan for Reparations

Nobody said that our Constitution would produce a Congress of Thomas Jeffersons. And Maxine is example number one of the truth of that statement.

She is all set now to push for reparations to blacks for the slavery that many of their ancestors tragically suffered 150 years ago and more. Followed to its conclusion, our nation would collapse as everyone who had an ancestor who was poorly-treated claimed and received restitution. So it's utterly unworkable. And how in the world would you decide which whites had second-great-grandparents were responsible for slavery? And it places the responsibility for sins of great-great-grandparents on Americans today. None of that bothers Maxine. Little surprise.

Maxine has to attack President Trump. It is her mission in life. It does not matter that there are black leadership members who have pointed out the good things he has done for minorities. Facts are not a specialty of this woman. Vicious comments devoid of rational thought are.

She has an agenda, she selects her “facts” as desired, and twists them to further that agenda.

Perhaps she would actually be of value to the Republic if she were the only one in Congress with such bizarre and offensive views. She could be trotted out periodically as a reminder of what a lunatic liberal sounds like. As such, she would be a reminder and a warning never to elect another one like her. Her one vote would be irrelevant.

Source: The American Mirror




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