Matthews: ‘Law and Order’ Has ‘A Racial Tone To It’

Matthews: ‘Law and Order’ Has ‘A Racial Tone To It’

The Democrat language police will be out in full force throughout the presidential election cycle until November and beyond. These are folks who perceive “microaggressions” from ordinary language or expressions that send them into infantile crying fits or PTSD reactions resulting from absolutely benign communication. What they certainly don't need is for the media to give them credence, and what they do need is a simple reality check, if not a big slap up side the head.

It turns out the worst language police abusers, however, are the Democrat media personalities themselves such as Chris Matthews. Main stream broadcasters have invented, and repeated ad infinitum, the term “dog whistle.” This refers to a Republican or a conservative making a statement that Democrats claim is coded racism, because all conservatives are, by definition, racist. It means that Republicans frequently accused of making statements that may seem innocent, but that in reality contain hidden, coded meaning that only other Republicans can hear, similar to a dog whistle to a dog. The actual message is then ignored while the Lefties ferret out what was really meant. Talk about paranoid, tin-foil-hat wearing crazies! And yet this is taken as serious political analysis by the Left.

The latest claim of a “dog whistle” message comes from MSNBC's Chris Matthews, one of the more unhinged media libs, who said he felt a thrill up his leg when he first heard Barack Obama speak during his first presidential campaign. The image alone is very unsettling. Matthews sees Republican racism around every corner and hidden in every sentence uttered by anyone on the right. Democrat media colleagues will be picking up his latest meme about Donald Trump soon because they generally are not original thinkers, so when one Democrat talking head concocts nonsense like this Chris Matthews gem, they will all collectively have the same insight.

Matthews claim refers to Donald Trumps acceptance speech and a term he used that all Americans recognize and almost universally want… law and order. It is, in fact, one of the things that the Federal government really does have some responsibility for, although we have now discovered, thanks to Chris Matthews, that to desire law and order is racist!

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