Matthews: ‘Law and Order’ Has ‘A Racial Tone To It’

During MSNBC’s coverage of the RNC on Thursday night, anchor Chris Matthews stated that the phrase “law and order” “carries a racial tone to it.”

Matthews said, “[W]hy did he use the phrase with all its implications and attitude, ‘law and order.’ He didn’t say, ‘Let’s enforce the law.’ He did that once, most of it was the phrase ‘law and order,’ that was so Nixonian. I think that carries a racial tone to it.

Matthews makes millions of dollars a year making such insightful comments. This is typical of the Left, who carefully parse the words of the Right and then claim to find the true meaning of what was said. It is insulting to the speaker and to the audience who can hear what is actually said and can judge for themselves what is meant.

Matthews should ask how many people do NOT want order with their law. Actually, the two go together quite well. When Matthews states “I'm Chris Matthews” at the start of his show, I think what he really means is “I am an idiot,” and I totally agree. However, it is just as easy to listen to the actual words that Matthews utters to reach the same conclusion, no hidden dog whistles required.



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