Matthews: Angry White Men are Trying to Erase Obama From History, Elect ‘Enemies of the State’

MSNBC's Chris Matthews went on a laughable rant against his own kind on Hardball this week. It was preposterous, even for him, mostly because its hard to even make sense of his argument. Regardless, its a hit piece on white men, which is probably all the reason he needed.

Monday night on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews warned there are some wanting to “erase” President Barack Obama from the history books.

Matthews said, “My theory Molly [Ball], and I’m not a person of color but I have a particular theory about this charge. I think the really angry guy out there, mostly guy, white guy, thinks if he can erase him from that picture of what we get as kids from the presidents, begins with George Washington through Lincoln and Roosevelt, and there is a president who is black, they want to make sure he is not there. Somehow that book has an asterisk. Pete rose didn’t really get in the hall of fame. Somehow he’s not there they keep picking at it. because they do. All the polls, 43% of Republicans say he’s a Muslim. Where do they get that from?”

Chris, maybe you should pose that last question to Hillary Clinton in 2008. She sure didn't have much f an issue insinuating that Obama could be Muslim did she? But that probably doesn't matter.

Source: Breitbart

Then there's this other gem…Matthews calling Cruz and Trump ‘enemies of the state' who have risen only because of all these ‘angry white guys'




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