Massive Intel Breach of Veterans and Friendly Foreign Nationals

Massive Intel Breach of Veterans and Friendly Foreign Nationals

With the news that the DNC was employing a set of three foreign nationals, as well as the wife and best friend of one of them, it is not surprising when we hear that there are breaches in national security and in other aspects of our intelligence community, especially with the nature of spying and espionage.

The Awan brothers was a particularly nationally-known incident and the fallout continues, even as Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (who initially hired these famously unqualified individuals) poorly serves her constituents in Florida.

When all is said and done, the real story is why our very well-funded government continues to make clerical, administrative, and legal mistakes that are costing our citizens dearly in the way of both income and identity security.  Some may argue that our government isn’t well-funded, but when you consider that most Americans today are paying more in taxes than they are for both food and clothing combined, the argument to the contrary is hard to swallow.

A massive data breach has occurred in a North Carolina security outfit and the victims are not only American veterans, by and large, they are also foreign nationals who worked hand-in-hand with our government to help secure certain objectives for the intelligence and military communities that were potentially life-threatening for both themselves and their families.

Read on the following page how a veteran-run security network company in North Carolina made the unfortunate mistake of trusting an uncertified vendor to sift through its application process and, in so doing, exposed thousands of Americans and foreign nationals to the outright dangers of interlopers who would love nothing more than to kill US and US-friendly workers!

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