Married, Underage Refugees Arrive in Germany with High Percentage Under 14 Years Old

And before you go thinking that “abusive men” is Islamaphobic, remember that it takes a sick deluded individual to marry and bed a girl whose young enough to be their grand daughter. It’s disgusting. And this is permitted in the Quran.

The problem of underage migrants arriving married in Germany not new. In June, the state of Bavaria confirmed that there were 550 brides aged under 18, and 161 under 16, living among asylum seekers that arrived in the recent migrant wave.

A government report from 2012 revealed that more than half of all Muslim marriages in Germany involve a bride under 18.

More than one million refugees moved to Germany in 2015 under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open door policy, and the country is expecting an estimated 300,000 new refugees this year.

Germany isn’t the only European country with “child brides” issues. In February of this year, similar cases were also reported in Norway, where at least 61 minors, several under the age of sexual consent, were married at the time they applied for asylum in Norway, according to government figures for 2015. It was later revealed that child brides were being allowed to stay with their older husbands in Norwegian asylum centers.

How is this okay? And what are these countries in Western Europe doing to stop it? If they’re going to let these migrants in, they should be bound to Western European laws, which strictly prohibit this type of behavior. If, in instances like this, Islamic culture is allowed to prevail, morality has truly failed. And this is the type of behavior that President Obama is keen to welcome into America.


Photo: The Times




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