Man Ignores “No Guns” Sign, Shoots 60-Year-Old, Black Veteran for Supporting Trump

Despite the left's impulsive pouncing on incidents of gun violence to push it's anti-Second Amendment agenda, liberals have been curiously quiet about this particular incident.

One suspects that its not only because the victim was shot because he supported Trump, but also because it undermines the party line that simply banning guns keeps criminals from using them:

“'An analysis of mass shootings in the United States since the year 2002 shows that gun-wielding mass killers are more likely to strike where the Second Amendment right to bear arms has been supplanted by ‘gun-free zone’ ordinances, be they federal, local, or specified by the owner of the property,' Patrick Tyrrell of the Daily Signal revealed.

Out of 54 mass shooting since 2002 in which victims were shot at random, 37 of them (nearly 7 out of 10) occurred in ‘gun-free zones,' the analysis by the Heritage Foundation found.”

Source: Infowars




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