Man Exposes Himself in Girl’s Locker

Man Exposes Himself in Girl’s Locker

The crime of indecent exposure does not matter anymore in Califonia.  There is nothing a police officer can do if a man decides he is identifying as a woman, yet stands stark naked, genitals hanging out, in a high school girl’s locker room.

In a Moorpark High school locker room, an 18-25-year-old man, of Middle Eastern or Hispanic descent, stood in the back of the room naked, waiting for girls to enter.  The girls immediately fled the room, giving the man no chance to make physical contact.  It is reported that this bearded sexual deviant has been in the locker room on at least two other times.

Truth and Action has shared that “women in America no longer have the right to get undressed in a penis-free environment. In many bathrooms or locker rooms across this nation, laws have been passed to allow men who say they “feel like women” to hang out in women’s formerly private spaces.”

A leading North Carolina newspaper issued an editorial last week telling girls to attempt “overcoming discomfort” at the sight of “male genitalia,” should transgender bathroom laws be enacted,” Truth and Action reported.

So the message from liberal deviants is that naked men, exposing themselves to young girls, is something that must get used to seeing.

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