Malls Close Across America Due To Bomb Scares

Although one might be inclined to say the shoppers and authorities of Largo overreacted, it is understandable that they would treat an abandoned suitcase with such caution. Indeed, according to Dr. Jim Garrow, a reported former CIA operative, the next major terrorist attack will be a strike on shopping centers where large numbers of Americans can be killed. Reuters adds:

“To the north, the Shops at Riverside, a two-story shopping mall in Hackensack, New Jersey, was evacuated after authorities learned of a bomb threat scrawled on the wall of a bathroom, according to the Bergen County Sheriff's Department.

And in Farmington, New Mexico, the Animas Valley Mall was cleared out and closed while police searched the shopping center after a threat was found on a women's restroom wall, said Georgette Allen, public information officer for the Farmington Police Department.

All the stores were reopened after no bombs were found. But all lost valuable hours of shopping on the second Saturday before Christmas, considered among the busiest shopping days of the year. The day marks the beginning of crunch time for brick-and-mortar stores as time begins to run out for buying gifts online for holiday delivery.

Holiday crowds mean police and mall management need to stay extra vigilant about threats, Allen said. Police are investigating the incident as well as a series of bomb threats on bathroom walls at local schools earlier this week, she said.

‘We want to make sure that everyone is safe,' she said.”


Source: Reuters



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