Major Earthquake Activity Could Hit West Coast

The recent pattern of earthquakes in the region seems to fly in the face of established geology. Per Dutchsinse:

“Contrary to what has been taught in all major universities, earthquakes are now proved to be progressing across large distances, causing other earthquakes along the way as the pressure transfers around the edge of the plates.”

“This Eastward progression of earthquakes defies the plate tectonic movement theory — the earthquakes (and movement) are progressing in the opposite direction than ‘normal'.”

Dutchsinse also notes recent volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, fitting a larger trend of upheaval in the Pacific, as Truth And Action has been reporting for some time:

“The Ring of Fire is going through an alarming uptick in activity right now with 34 volcanos erupting at the same time. The Ring of Fire a is 25,000-mile, horseshoe-shaped string of volcanoes and seismic activity sites around the edges of the Pacific Ocean. About 90% of all earthquakes and 75% of all active volcanos are on the Ring of Fire.

The number of volcanoes eruptions that are occurring at the moment is well above the 20th century’s average for an entire calendar year. We are also seeing tremendous amount of earthquakes at the moment.”

Perhaps this really is The Big One.

Sources: DutchsinseTruth And Action


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