Mainstream Media Slip? CNN Host Agrees Hillary should have left State Dept ‘in cuffs’

Perhaps because of her, um… less-than-likable personality, the mainstream media never fawned over Hillary Clinton the way they did her husband and President Obama.  But now that she is set to be the Democratic nominee — sorry, Bernie fans — the media has mostly fallen in line to support Clinton.  CNN's Kate Bolduan may have accidently shown her true feelings, however, when she spoke with senior Trump adviser, Barry Bennett on Friday.

In an interview on “At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan” on Friday, Bennett said, “I used to work at the State Department a long time ago. If I had done what she did at the State Department, I would have left in cuffs.”

“Right,” Bolduan replied before attempting to push Bennett away from talking about Clintons’ emails. “But, on the point that it wasn’t — not talking about her e-mails, but she’s attacked every single one of his foreign policy views really eviscerated his foreign policy views. I was shocked as someone who has been watching Donald Trump on the campaign trail over the past six, six, seven months that he did not go after her for that.”

It is not entirely clear whether Bolduan's “right” response was an actual agreement with Bennett's assertion, or simply a way of pivoting onto another point.  One thing is clear, however: Clinton will have a much harder time defeating Donald Trump in November than Barack Obama did in either of his elections if the mainstream media has too many more slips like these.

Source: The Daily Caller



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