Maddow Triggered By Fake NSA Document; Edward Snowden Weighs In

Maddow opened her broadcast talking about the “convincing” nature of the document.

Somebody, for some reason, appears to be shopping a fairly convincing fake NSA document that purports to directly implicate somebody from the Trump campaign in working with the Russians in their attack in the election.”

She then revealed that her staff had determined the documents were a forgery after talking with unnamed national security officials.

Adjusting her tinfoil hat, she spent nearly half her show trying to convince viewers that it’s likely a Trump insider sent the phony documents hoping she would use them and then be proven to have aired “fake news.”

This is news, because: why is someone shopping a forged document of this kind to news organizations covering the Trump-Russia affair?”

Paranoid much? So, she comes on national television with documents she knows are forged and then uses them to accuse the Trump camp of trying to discredit her show.

Sorry, Ms. Maddow. You’re doing a great job of discrediting yourself. You clearly don’t need any help.

What gets stranger about the story is that Maddow received the documents on June 7 and didn’t mention them until almost a month later.

That [June 7] was two days after The Intercept published legitimate NSA documents that were stolen by Reality Winner, a contractor for the agency. And that's where Maddow's faux-outrage breaks down.

You see, if it's clear that Maddow received her forgery after the intercept published their documents then there's really no ‘there' there.”

Anyone with a decent Internet connection could take the Winner documents from the Intercept site and use them to create a forgery. That expands the universe of potential culprits well beyond anyone connected to President Trump.

Maddow then tried to use a bogus timeline to suggest the creation date on the forged document was prior to The Intercept publishing its material.

Unfortunately, The Intercept has responded by pointing out that the metadata shows that the creation date of the forgery matches the exact time the information was released to the public.

Now, we could be wrong here…but, if the Trump administration wanted to dupe Rachel Maddow we suspect they could have gotten their hands on clean copies of the Reality Winner docs without having to lift them from The Intercept's website.”

To complicate matters for Ms. Maddow, noted document leaker Edward Snowden took to Twitter with a series of tweets that take her to task for trying so hard to create fake news.

For Snowden, the media’s self-inflicted wounds on their credibility is creating a crisis in which the public will lose all faith in the news and dismiss it by believing the truth is “unknowable.”

Each time the media gets a prominent story wrong right now, I wince. More than egg on a famous face, it risks a generation's trust in news.”

If our most famous journalists are so proud they can't admit to what is now an obvious error, how can they hope to hold the public trust?”

Snowden wistfully calls this situation the “twilight of an age.”

More directly, we can call it the death throes of a mainstream media that’s sold its soul to curry favor with corrupt politicians and liberal elites.

Source: ZeroHedge



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