Local Authorities Label Use of Pig Heads Against Migrants As ‘Environmental Crime’

Authorities found these pig heads outside the gates of the Eschmarkerveld refugee center, near the city of Enschede on Tuesday night. Instead of being labeled as a peaceful demonstration, it’s being called an environmental crime and the culprits are currently being pursued.

In case you don’t know, the Quran forbids the consumption of pork, calling it unclean. And they do this in submission to Allah. This means that they’re missing out on some of the greatest culinary experiences life has to offer, including bacon.

In the player below, you can see the video of the pig heads spread all throughout the gates of the Eschmarkerveld refugee center. Due to the lack of security footage or any other incriminating evidence, chances are the authorities aren’t going to find those responsible.

As the refugee crisis continues to worsen, and President Obama continues with his plan to allow 10,000 (probably more) Syrian refugees into America, the odds are good that we’ll start seeing these types of protests within American borders.





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