Limbaugh: “We Are Witnessing the Demise of CNN”

CNN is crumbling apart. One almost can’t even recall off the top of their heads all of the scandals that emerged just over the past few weeks: retracted Russia story, firing multiple unethical journalists, the undercover James O’Kiefe videos, the whole hissy fit over President Trump retweeting a video of him knocking out CNN that led the team of snowflakes over there to tip the scales into full out hysteria and vicious unethical retaliation against the Reddit user who created the video.

The animosity against President Trump is reflective of a whole lot more than just petty snowflakes congregating in their little safe places. This disconnect from reality seen among liberals over Clinton losing the election is reflective of the larger agenda behind the establishment.

And at any moment all this ludicrous whining could erupt around the country into full-blown hysteria and violence.

That is why the fall of CNN symbolizes far more than just the potential crushing annihilation of yet another fake news organization at the hands of President Trump.

Liberals lie straight-faced about President Trump being a deranged senile lunatic tweeting absurd lies for psychopathic kicks and giggles instead of running the country. That is the left’s deflection tactic. President Trump has accomplished a lot in his short time in office, whether you agree with all of his policies or not, that’s beside the point. MSM refuses to cover anything that presents him and his administration in a positive or productive light. They refuse to allow their liberal sheep to access facts and reality while installing a hypocritical false sense of moral and intellectual superiority in their followers. And once again, this is a very deliberate move.

It is far more comforting to think that liberals are merely being sore losers vs the reality that this current situation unfolding right before us in the MSM is the establishment’s plan B following the election of President Trump.

Psychos need to know they have control. And that is precisely what the psychopathic group of elites behind the establishment are. They feel an obsessive need to know they still control the minds of the people they’re seeking to subject. The establishment can weather the storm of President Trump if they manage to keep a firm grip on the minds of everyone consuming MSM and their previous supporter base who supported Clinton.

Love or hate him – President Trump is a brilliant man.

Furthermore, he in on to and on the defense against the establishment and the global elites underhanded games. His tweets are not mere ramblings. They’re one of his many tactics for ensuring the swamp gets and stays drained, and the country once more in the hands of the people who elected him to represent their interests.

The fall of CNN stands to mark not only the complete demise of a fake news network, but all of MSM, and the establishment’s stronghold of America.

And it is falling as we speak!

Listen to Rush Limbaugh explain all the points for EACTILY why CNN has been officially defeated by President Trump



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