Libs Show off Their Class Toward Trump Supporters

Libs Show off Their Class Toward Trump Supporters

This is Hillary’s Village and these are the future voters of America, school-aged children screaming obscenities, who need their mouths washed out with soap.  These are also Hillary voters, grown women shaking and smacking their backsides at Trump supporters as they drive by.

How far our country has fallen when this behavior is displayed proudly on the sidewalks of America.  There is no way Hillary would sit down with these constituents, as she would view them with disgust, but she does need their support.

This is what America will look like if the progressive continue to run our schools,  promote illegal immigration and champion single family homes.

The majority of protesters in the following video are minorities and many are waving Mexican flags.  If there is so much love for Mexico, then why sneak into America?

We have become the laughing stock of the world with this type of behavior being displayed in all its glory on the web.  View it for oneself on the next page and weep.


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