Libs Show off Their Class Toward Trump Supporters

Hillary supporters are classless.   Their children need to have a good mouth washing and the women need to display some self-respect.  Welcome to the Hillary Villiage.  Be afraid, very afraid.

Democrat Hillary Clinton's campaign and allied groups encourage and often pay for these kinds of so-called “protests.” Note they are holding signs that say, “No Hate,” while they shriek, “F— Trump,” in addition to a sign that says, “F— You Puto.” “Puto” means “f-ggot whore” in Spanish. Also notice the Mexican flag-waving.

Another sign reads “Brown Pride.” What would the media reaction be to a sign that said “White Pride”? Why is “brown pride” good but not white pride?

The news media, which are usually biased towards Democrats and want open borders, will praise and protect these “protesters,” while smearing and demonizing Donald Trump and his patriotic supporters who believe in border security and the rule of law.

Matt Fin of FNC originally posted this video on his Twitter.

Source: News Broadcasts



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