As Liberal Media Attacks Trump and Carson, Americans Fight Back In The Polls

From reports on the media attacks:

The end result of the media attacks on Trump was his dominance of the field for the Republican nomination. His hold on the top spot has already forced serious candidates Rick Perry and Scott Walker out of the race. Many others stand on the precipice of an early exit.

The common denominator in all of the media attacks against the Republican outsiders is that the candidates are voicing positions much more closely aligned with the views of the public than the mavens on 6th Avenue.

The public sees there is an unreported crime wave committed by illegal immigrants. A large portion of the voting public, especially Republicans, have seen the undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood as a rogue baby “chop-shop” for organ harvesting. The public also understands that radical Islam poses an existential threat to much of the Western world.

It is almost a cliche to say that the mainstream media has lost its monopoly power to dictate which news items are important. In recent years, there are numerous examples of the public ignoring issues trumpeted by the media. A recent Gallup survey, in fact, found that public trust in the media has reached an historic low.

New Gallup polls show that Americans are mistrustful of the media.  Recent polling shows only 40% of Americans trust they are getting the “real” news, down from 55% in the late 1990's.  Americans are turning to alternative websites which provide the news with commentary from those who do not depend on the political establishment for their paychecks.  This trend is up, and may account for the top three GOP candidates doing so well.

The message to those top three, Trump, Carson and Fiorina -keep telling the truth, unabashed.  And the American people will continue to respond, tired of the last seven years of deceit and betrayal.

Source: Breitbart News



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