Liberal Activists Claim Park Ranger Uniforms “Threaten” Latinos, Demands “Diversity”

Once again, the only thing the left has to say about an issue of policy is that there aren't enough minorities present. While there is nothing to object in the matter of nonwhite Americans engaging with the nation's parks like their white countrymen do, liberals' obsession with it diverts attention from real issues:

“The coalition's policy recommendations for a more inclusive system of public lands come on the heels of President Obama's23rd national monument designation and a National Park Week Proclamation committing to helping all Americans discover the outdoors and enjoy America's public lands. Building on the President's leadership thus far, the coalition's policy recommendations identify five areas of focus, with immediate and long-term actions identified in each category. These include:  1) Access to public lands, 2) Historical, spiritual, sacred and cultural preservation, 3) Landscape-scale conservation, 4) Stakeholder engagement and, 5) Workforce diversity.

According to a 2014 report by the Center for American Progress, of the 460 national parks and monuments, only 112—24 percent—recognize or are dedicated to diverse peoples and cultures.

‘President Obama has shown great leadership on parks and public lands, but there is always more progress to be made. We challenge this President and the next one to embrace a vision for the next century of conservation that focuses on the importance of national parks and public lands for all Americans,' said Maite Arce, President/CEO of the Hispanic Access Foundation.

The group has posted its policy document online as part of the official Centennial Initiative petition to President Obama. The group's vision statement and a full list of coalition members is also listed there.

‘The President should use the Centennial to call for a more inclusive approach to conservation of our public lands that reflects the faces of our country; respects different cultures and takes responsibility for actively engaging all people,' said Mark Masaoka, Policy Director of the Asian Pacific Policy & Planning Council.”

See the video below:

Source:Hispanic Access




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