Lerner Fears ‘Physical Harm’ if Truth about IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups is Revealed

Lerner Fears ‘Physical Harm’ if Truth about IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups is Revealed

I once read somewhere that an adult bully tries to avoid responsibility for their own bad behavior by blaming the target for causing it.

If you think about Leftism, specifically in the realm of bullying and targeting, you begin to realize that they have made this their main strategy.  Leftists will even go so far as to blame people who are attempting to alleviate the problems in society by assigning the criminal behavior of others as being a direct result of the enforcement of the law.

For instance, when the president is trying to keep this country safe by instituting a Constitutionally-sound, common sense approach to a travel ban, the Left blames that specifically for the rise in recruitment of the terrorists.  Another example is when Leftists excuse Antifa violence, rioting and vandalism by blaming the speech of the Conservatives.  Conversely, they also blame the police for Black Lives Matter killing cops.

This kind of transference of blame is what bullies do best.  Back a few years ago, when the IRS was caught red-handed targeting Conservative groups, you'll recall that one of the first tactics that Lois Lerner used to defend herself (after initially denying such targeting) was to blame the Tea Party groups because there were too many of them applying!

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