Left-Wing Protesters Disrupt Chaffetz Town Hall

Case in point was a recent town hall where Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz spoke to his constituents. Although the event was meant to be an opportunity for the congressman to get better in touch with the people he is supposed to represent, left-wing protesters interrupted the event to bombard Chaffetz with “gotcha” questions such as why he has investigated Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. Of course, Chaffetz had a snappy answer for this question:

“You’re really not going to like this part,” Chaffetz responded. “The president, under the law, is exempt from conflict of interest laws.”

Chaffetz was a key player in the Benghazi and email investigations that plagued Clinton, a former secretary of State under President Obama. Shortly before Election Day, Chaffetz said he believed the committee had two years' worth of material on her. Now he's facing added pressure to apply the same level of scrutiny to Trump.

The Tribune reported Thursday’s event at Brighton High School in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, was at capacity, with police warning some would not be admitted into its 1,080-person auditorium.

Demonstrators repeatedly booed when Chaffetz mentioned Trump’s name, it said, and some held up signs reading “disagree” at the Utah lawmaker.”


Source: The Hill



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