LeBron James Slams President Trump: ‘We’re not going to let one person dictate us’

The left loves to glamorize the role of celebrities as leaders of our country’s youth. But, in the rush to virtue-signal any brain cells still left in athletes, competitive minds are all but thrown out the window.

That or LeBron James has always been a diehard social justice warrior at heart. But regardless of his motives, his antics sure did get him some of the attention he apparently was so desperately seeking.

After taking “a stand” for unity and “oneness” by wearing black and white sneakers in blazed with the word “Equality” at his game in Washington D.C. Sunday night. LeBron James decided his on the court game wasn’t strong enough to get the ‘pat on the backs’ his mother presumably never gave him.

Following the game, LeBron James came out swinging against the ‘deplorables’. Head on over to the next page to hear his controversial remarks.

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