Latausha Nedd Defends Her “Open Season on Crackers” Declaration

Trying to justify her racist rant against white people and the police, Latausha Nedd booked an interview with Megyn Kelly to try to clear her name.

Nedd, appearing on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” with her lawyer, contended that someone stole the videos of her speaking during an online chat and edited them before releasing them to the public. However, the activist and her lawyer said her rhetoric that was captured in those videos was in response to those who threatened her and called her racial slurs despite the generalization of her wording.

Host Megyn Kelly confronted Nedd about the context of the video and asked her straightforwardly, “How do you feel about white people?”

“I don’t hate white people, if that’s what you’re asking me,” Nedd said. “I don’t hate white people. I hate injustice, and I hate corruption, and I feel that the systematic killing of black people has to be addressed.”

Until the full video emerges, it's impossible to know the “context” to which Nedd is referring, but it's telling, and probably significant, that she is not showing the rest of the video at this time. All we have seen so far is a call to action to steal cops' weapons and kill “crackers.”

Source: The Blaze




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