LA Gov. Jindal: Americans Ready For “Hostile Takeover” Of Washington – Is One Possible?

And as we all know, the NSA is spying on all American’s email, phone calls and Internet activity.

So the federal government is prepared to arrest anyone that might lead or incite such a rebellion.

We also witnessed an absolute media blackout of Operation American Spring, where Col. Harry Riley (ret.) marched on Washington to remove the traitors in our government from office. Not even conservative programs and commentators covered the event. There is still a small band of patriots holding their ground for that operation, by the way.

America is actually locked down tight in a police state. Any movement against the government is likely to be discovered long before it mobilizes. With all the media suppression and close monitoring of all communications, we really don’t what may have already been attempted and subverted.

Do we really have any idea as to how policed we actually are?

The governor said there was a “silent war” on religious liberty being fought in the U.S. — a country that he said was built on that liberty.

Earlier this week, Jindal signed an executive order to block the use of tests tied to Common Core education standards in his state, a position favored by tea party supporters and conservatives. He said he would continue to fight against the administration’s attempts to implement Common Core.

“The federal government has no role, no right and no place dictating standards in our local schools across these 50 states of the United States of America,” Jindal said.

Jindal used humor in criticizing the Obama administration on several fronts, referencing the Bergdahl prisoner exchange and the deadly attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

“Are we witnessing right now the most radically, extremely liberal, ideological president of our entire lifetime right here in the United States of America, or are we witnessing the most incompetent president of the United States of America in the history of our lifetimes? You know, it is a difficult question,” he said. “I’ve thought long and hard about it. Here’s the only answer I’ve come up with, and I’m going to quote Secretary Clinton: `What difference does it make?”‘

Photo: AP Photo/Molly Riley



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