LA Gangs Declare They Will Kill 100 People In 100 Days

Police have confirmed the reports of the bet to be true. If you live in California, take note that an area especially dangerous is between the streets of Western and Normandie.

Users on social media have tagged images and videos with the hashtag expressing support for the movement, brandishing guns and firing fighting words. Posts now appear chastising neighboring gangs for participating in bloodsport.

The shooting that kicked off a series of violent crimes throughout the weekend occurred on Thursday evening at about 9:50 p.m. on the 2000 block of West 99th Street. A woman and two boys, ages 4 and 11, were wounded after a suspect walked up to their car and opened fire. The shooter is still at large.

Police sources have confirmed that the posts online have been taken very seriously, leading to an increase in officer deployment and other adjustments.

For the family of KP, #100Days100Nights is despicable.

“It’s making him look like a bad person. It’s not like he started this and got killed behind it. He had no control over what’s going on with #100Days100Nights,” one of KP’s family members, who chose to remain anonymous to protect the family’s safety, tells The Daily Beast over the phone.

Contrary to what is being portrayed on the same social networks pushing for the hashtag gang war, KP was a full-time single father dedicated to showing his son a different lifestyle. After the birth of his child, his family says he had turned his life around. While he was still loosely affiliated with a gang, the family says he mostly kept to himself and did not participate in gang-related activities.

“He was always in his [son’s] life, from walking him to school in the morning to walking to pick him up from school,” says the family member.


In the past year, Los Angeles has experienced a surge in crime – being 14% higher than last year. Of course, this falls right into the hands of the Obama adminstration and their agendas to nationalize local law enforcement and dismantle the Second Amendment.



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