Kweli: I’m not Violating Twitter’s Rules when I Say ‘Calling a Coon a Coon Ain’t an Attack’

After seeing video featuring Jerome Hudson, Talib Kweli used Twitter to attack the man and called him a coon. His justification for using racial slurs was that Hudson is black, so he’s allowed to call a black man a black slur. Never mind the contradiction, Twitter has yet to comment or punish Kweli for his comments. Yet, they’re quick to do so with people of a lighter skin color when they “offend” somebody.

Various news outlets have reported that Twitter banned Yiannopoulos for “inciting hate” against actress Leslie Jones while she spent over 13 hours punching down at random trollsin her account’s mentions. The reality of that situation is that Yiannopoulos tweeted some jokes at Jones several hours into her public meltdown that looked suspiciously like a Ghostbusters publicity stunt.

In contrast, Greene targeted Hudson for attack because a video featuring the author was blowing up on social media. Kweli struck first. He immediately called Hudson a “coon.”

So what does this mean about our First Amendment rights? All speech is equal except if you disagree with what we believe? The mega corporations that run the Internet and social media are notorious for censoring the opinions of people who disagree. Knowing this, how do you fight something like that? Why the double standard?

Liberals hate Donald Trump. Yet, they’re the ones who created a world in which somebody like him could run for president and actually stand a chance. The people have spoken. They’re tired of all the political correctness being shoved down their throats. They’re tired of their voices going unheard. And most of all, they’re tired of being told they don’t matter.


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