Kremlin Confirms No Collusion

Kremlin Confirms No Collusion

There are a few people on the planet who actually, literally know the truth about the supposed collusion between the White House and the Kremlin in reference to the elections that took place in November.  Those few people are Trump, his closest campaign advisers, and Putin, and his closest advisers.

No one else on the planet, aside from those who have proof positive “tangible, solid” evidence of such collusion can speak to this subject.  That is, unless you are the mainstream media, the Establishmentariat, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  Because as far as they are concerned, you don't need evidence.  You only require innuendo.  That's what runs the inner Beltway and that's the bread and butter of anyone who lives and breathes the D.C. air.

When all is said and done, no amount of contrary information or assurances by the administration or the Kremlin is going to ward off the bloodhounds in search of the witch's hut.  They will continue to push the narrative that Trump and Putin orchestrated the entire successful campaign of the Republican candidate (because EVERYONE knows that the Republicans could never have been Hillary in a “fair fight”) and propelled him into the seat of the presidency.

One of the most compelling arguments for collusion is the fact that Trump appears to be so chummy with his Russian counterpart.  In effect, if he gets along with Putin, then he must be colluding (i.e., responsible for all the ills that Russia itself has been accused of).  By that same thinking, would it not also be true that Obama, in being so chummy with foreign dictators in the Middle East and South America, was enabling the strictures of said dictators not only in their own countries, but also, in essence, providing succor for said political beliefs in this nation?  What's the difference?  One is Leftist and the other is wrong…at least in the minds of the MSM.

But the Kremlin, nevertheless, has come forward with an initial reaction to all the American-styled entertainment news that is hell-bent on crucifying Donald Trump.

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