Koran Passage Denying Jesus was Son of God Sung at Cathedral Service

The passage from Surah 19 specifically denies that Jesus was the Son of God and claims he should not be worshipped. However, that's the entire foundation of Christianity and Catholicism. To top that off, the song was sung during a Eucharist service to mark the feast of the Epiphany.

The cathedral praised the reading in a Facebook post, calling it a “wonderful event”.

However, retired Anglican bishop Michael Nazir-Ali strongly condemned it, saying it was especially inappropriate for the feast of the Epiphany, which celebrates the revelation of Christ as the Son of God.

Christian Today quotes him as saying: “The authorities of the Scottish Episcopal Church should immediately repudiate this ill-advised invitation.”

“Christians should know what their fellow citizens believe and this can include reading the Qur’an for themselves, whether in the original or in translation. This is not, however, the same thing as having it read in Church in the context of public worship,” he added.

“It is particularly insensitive to have this passage read in Church on the Feast of the Epiphany when we celebrate not only Christ’s manifestation to the gentiles but also his baptism and the divine declaration, ‘you are my beloved son in whom I am well pleased’.”

The Scottish Episcopal Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a major religious force in the West. So this might become confusing for some. The cathedral's Facebook page also proudly a praised a press report in which Donald Trump was compared to the biblical King Herod. What happened to separation of church and state? It doesn't exist.

Source: breitbart.com




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