“Know the Enemy:” 11 Revealing Quotes From Vladimir Putin

With the Left looking for a smoking Kalashnikov inside the Oval Office desk, you and I both know that their claims of a stolen election are as bogus as Global Warming.  If you read my piece about the newest study that has found that climate change-advocates who want to take anti-global warming measures to combat the advance of higher temperatures as being deadly to the planet, you'll know to what I'm referring.

Of course, the Russians meddle in our affairs, up to and including our elections.  But for the Left to be so intellectually dishonest as to pitch that Hillary Clinton was a good candidate —

Pardon me while I laugh hysterically.

To pitch that Hillary Clinton was a good candidate and that, without Russian interference, she would have won, is almost too stupid a statement, even for the Left.

The day that the Russians STOP interfering, meddling and spying on us is the day that our government should really stand up and take notice.

On Allegations of US Foreign Meddling:  “There is constant US propaganda, and direct funding of US NGOs… Is that not interference, which continues year in, year out? Take a globe, spin it, and randomly put your finger on any spot – I can guarantee that there are American interests and meddling there.

What do the Americans want? For everyone to just bow their heads in deference? We have our own opinion and we express it openly. It is not some form of undercover sabotage.”

TRANSLATION:  John McCain and Hillary Clinton…shut the hell up and retire already.  You neocons and hippie chicks leftover from the 1960s need to step aside and let the real world leaders, like me and Donald Trump, run things.  We may not say things politically correct, we may not rub you the right way, we may not have the eloquence and polished verbiage that you display in your public temper tantrums, but we know a thing or two about human behavior, wants and needs of the people, and we know how to effect REAL change, not this crap that Barack Hussein Obama pushed on America and Europe over the past decade.  When you guys quit meddling, we'll quit meddling.  But, of course…we both know, if we're being honest, that that statement isn't even the truth either, is it?

It is a load of bunk that our endangered Swamp RINOs in the Establishment and the Leftist hacks believe for an instant that Russia meddles and the US does not.  Take the two people that epitomize Swamp RINOs and Leftist hacks, John McCain and Barack Hussein Obama, and tell me that they're advocates for free speech, no warrantless tapping or surveillance, no special backroom deals, and no hidden agendas, and I'll sell you a surfboard in Salt Lake City.

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