“Know the Enemy:” 11 Revealing Quotes From Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin may not speak English very often, but at times, he is quite eloquent.  However, his most powerful quoted lines regarding the politics of the world are ingrained in the lexicons of Russia and the people who live and work (and struggle) there are very impressed with their strong leader and his seemingly unending ability to lead their nation forward, despite all the difficulties in the world that NATO and the West have set in their path.

Here are some quotes from the president of Russia on various topics, perhaps not necessarily of interest to many in the world, but from the standpoint of the United States of America and our military and societal path forward, vital to our survival and our success over the rising Bear in the North.

On the United States:  “The USA is a great power. Probably the only superpower in existence today. We accept that and we are ready to work together with them.

What we don’t need is for them to get involved in our affairs, tell us how to live our lives, and prevent Europe from building a relationship with us.”

TRANSLATION:  “If we feel like invading a former portion of the Soviet Bloc for the pure purpose of rebuilding and restoring our nation to greatness, we will do so, and screw you, United States, for pretending that you won’t jump at the opportunity to do the exact same thing.  Sure, you’re THE lone superpower…right now…but we’ve been working with China, Iran, Pakistan and India, as well as 70% of the Islamic-aligned countries in the world, and as far as your NATO alliance is concerned, you have a better chance of fighting your battles alone than of attempting to work with the Socialist Europe with whom we are slowing building confidence (because of our looming armies).”

Ironically, the United States is always pointing fingers at the rest of the world about their affairs, but rarely does the Swamp or the Deep State pause to realize that many in our own country don’t trust our own government’s judgment when it comes to meddling in other nations’ affairs.  This war with North Korea on the horizon, for instance, carries with it implications that are almost too fantastic to imagine.

Should the lunatic in Pyongyang finally do the unthinkable and launch one or more nuclear-tipped missiles, the devastation (on both sides) will be breathtaking.  Thousands, and perhaps hundreds of thousands, will be dead in a matter of days.  The death toll for a war with North Korea, no matter its brevity, will be more than many would like to entertain.

That said, in the aftermath of the war…perhaps a month later…the nation of North Korea will be in utter ruin, its people scattered in a humanitarian nightmare, and a growing concern by the Chinese and Russians that the US would then begin with the installation of its own friendly government officials RIGHT THERE IN THE BACKYARD OF CHINA!

To say that the reaction of 90% of the delegates there in the United Nations will be shock and fear is an understatement.  Russia and China, and every other nation impacted by such a prediction, are well aware of the possibility of a US-friendly influence at work in earnest on the Korean Peninsula on the very doorstep of China.

What Putin is here saying is that they have just as much right to meddle in the affairs of other nations as we do.

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