Knife-Wielding Vegans Terrorize Chik-fil-A’s ‘Cow Appreciation Day’

Leftist vegan activists attacked a Chik-fil-A this week, hoping to get the customers to give up meat. The scene quickly turned from funny to scary when the patrons realized the protesters may have had weapons.

Real-looking knives, splattered fake blood and screaming kids. It’s not the kind of scene Chick-fil-A envisioned when they kicked off “Cow Appreciation Day.”

But, that’s what happened when protesters stormed the Pinellas Park restaurant during the lunch rush. The restaurant offered free food to people dressed like a cow.

An animal rights organization picked the spot to make its point. In front of dozens of startled customers, including many kids, they staged a loud protest.

“People running in with knives, bleeding. Like bleeding on their shirts and just bloody knives. It scared the kids,” said Nichole Kretchmar.

Some parents shielded kids from the gory protest, but plenty watched.

“That’s sad, because a lot of the kids are an age where they can’t tell the difference between what’s real and fake. So, I believe everybody has a right to say what they believe in and what they feel is right. But, I also believe they took it too far,” said Tina Leacock.

Scaring kids probably doesn't matter much to these people. If they cared about common decency, they would let these people enjoy their food. Instead, they had to make a ridiculous spectacle that changed no minds but frightened several children.

Watch the frightening protest in the videos below:

Source: WFLA



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