Kerry: ISIS Militants Aren’t Muslim, but Apostates of Islam

Kerry: ISIS Militants Aren’t Muslim, but Apostates of Islam

The Obama administration did back-flips to dismiss the Muslim terrorism that is occurring throughout the world. They insist that the attacks are not just against Western countries, but include Africa, Asia, and Russia, and are actually all aberrations of the “true” practice of Islam.

The problem is that there is no central, controlling hierarchy in Islam that determines the correct and proper interpretation of the faith as presented in the Qu'ran and the Hadith (teachings ascribed to Mohammed). You cannot go to the “president” or the high priest of Islam and ask if he approves of murdering people in France, or if it is acceptable as a tenet of Islam. The faith has no central leadership, but that should not completely relieve Islam of the blame for those committing atrocities and murder in the name of Islam.

If one were to look up “terrorist groups in the world” in Wikipedia, there would be over one hundred organizations listed with Islamic roots. And those hundred organizations are responsible for perhaps 90% or more of the terrorist acts committed in the world each year. It is impossible to look at the fruits of a religion such as world-wide terrorist attacks and murders and not conclude it must have something to do with the religious roots.

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