Kathleen Willey, Victim of Bill Clinton, Praises Trump

The Clinton’s live in fantasy-land if they expect past sex crimes and intimidation not to be brought to the forefront of who this family really is.  Bill, the womanizer and Hill, the intimidator, both have much to explain on the campaign trail as past victims come forward with their traumatic stories.

Kathleen Willey, a former volunteer of the Clinton White House, who was accosted in the Oval Office by Bill, has a nightmare story to tell of her ordeal.

Sharing on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular talk radio program heard on Sundays, Willey entreated her listeners saying,

I would just like to encourage any woman who has suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton to please try to find the courage and bravery to come forth. Because it’s okay now. Nobody can hurt you now. It’s as simple as that.

Nobody can touch you now. The word is out. You will be okay but you will be doing the right thing for all the right reasons and you will be helping your fellow sisters.

On March 15, 1998, Willey shared on 60 Minutes the abuse she underwent at the hands of the Clinton’s.  In her newest media campaign against the Clintons, she challenges Hillary to take a lie detector test to prove once and for all that Hillary used her power and position to intimidate Bill’s victims.

“I would like to challenge Hillary Clinton to take a lie detector test,” stated Willey. “And I would also like to challenge her to stand before her daughter and her granddaughter and explain why she will or will not take a lie detector test.

“And I would also like to add that I took one. And I volunteered to take one. I drove to Washington and it was administered by the top polygraph expert in the country at the FBI Headquarters and I passed it.”

As more women become emboldened to bring to light their experiences at the hand of Hillary, Willey will continue her campaign to educate those who are not in the know regarding the Clinton’s anti-woman legacy.

Since Clinton announced her presidential campaign in April, Willey has spoken out in numerous exclusive interviews on Klein’s show. In her latest interview on Sunday, Willey explained why she is motivated to talk publicly.

My mission here is to educate. What I would like to be able to do is talk to college students who don’t know about what happened. Explain it to them. And make them understand what exactly happened back then. And then let them know all of the horrible, horrific, terrorizing details of what his wife did to his victims. That’s the story here. That’s the story… Instead of using that whole thing and feeling betrayed by it, she used it all as a political opportunity.

You try to explain to people the consequences of what happens to these women when Hillary Clinton goes on the attack. It’s another woman who claims to be a woman’s advocate attacking these women. I mean, this woman absolutely terrified me. And I don’t get afraid easily. I’m pretty independent.

There is much to tell about Hillary and most is far from presidential material.

Source: Breitbart



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