John Kerry Corrects Critics of His Work On Iran Deal. Probably Thought Nobody Would Notice.

Kerry said in the interview, “In arms control, there is no country anywhere on this planet that has anytime, anywhere [inspections],” Kerry said. “We have created a mechanism by which we can go to the United Nations, one country can take this to the Security Council, and we have the ability to snap back all the sanctions, or put any sanction on we want, if they do not give them access. That’s never existed previously.”

Kerry insisted he never even discussed ‘anytime, anywhere' inspections of Iran.

In other words, Kerry is proud of a deal that gives Iran three weeks to respond to any inspection request and, by the way, requires the other signatory nations on the deal to help protect and defend Iran's nuclear program, should it become threatened.

Was Kerry absent the day they taught negotiation? No wonder Obama's focus is on preparing to veto when Congress inevitably votes not to accept Kerry's nuke deal.

Source: TheBlaze



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