How The Jihadi Who Carried Out French Attack Got Their AK-47s

From reports on the Paris attacks:

France outlaws most gun ownership and it’s almost impossible to legally acquire a high-powered rifle such as an AK-47, so where did the weapons in the Nov. 13 terror attack—not to mention the bloody January assault by Islamic terrorists on the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo magazine and the 2012 shootings by a militant in Toulouse—come from?

The answer: Eastern Europe, most likely, where the trafficking of deadly small arms is big, shady business. And where local authorities find it difficult to intervene.

The French government and the European Union know they have a foreign gun problem. But as the chain of attacks illustrates, efforts to tamp down on the flow of weapons have, so far, failed to disarm terrorists.

French police reportedly seized more than 1,500 illegal weapons in 2009 and no fewer than 2,700 in 2010. The number of illegal guns in France has swollen by double-digit percentages annually for several years, Al Jazeera reported, citing figures from Paris-based National Observatory for Delinquency.

With those numbers, it is obvious that France is not handling the issue of illegal arms being moved into the country.  And with the refugee crisis seeing millions seeking help in western Europe, France immediately closed its borders.  Leftists on social media became incensed at the closing of the borders, stating “it's not the fault of the refugees” and “it's racist to close borders on those in need”.

From reports on the cost and other measures being taken to curb illegal guns in France:

 The seizures likely made just a tiny dent in the pool of available weapons. “The fact that a Kalashnikov or a rocket launcher can be acquired for as little as 300 to 700 Euros in some parts of the EU indicates their ready availability for [organized crime groups], street gangs or groups orchestrating high-profile attacks resulting in significant numbers of casualties,” Europol, the EU’s law-enforcement agency, explained in a policy brief.

On March 6, 2012, French lawmakers passed a law tightening up gun regulation and increasing penalties for illegal ownership. Just five days later, Mohamed Merah—a French jihadist of Algerian descent—went on shooting rampage, killing seven people in three separate attacks in around Toulouse before a police sniper shot him dead.

News reports coming from different outlets today are citing the failure of the Obama Administrations foreign policy, and the connection with the Paris attacks.  Obama has left unchecked the Islamic region, emboldening them.

Guns in the hands of law abiding citizens would have saved lives in Paris.  This is a fact.  Leftists and those in the Obama regime who are adamant about disarming Americans better get their counter arguments ready.  Independent common sense Americans will be affected by these Paris attacks and realize, the bad guys will always get the weapons they need to murder and blow up those they target.

And it seems to be Americans they are “gunning” for the most.

Source: Daily Beast
Photo: SGTReport



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