Islamic School: The West is ‘Evil’, Gender Equality is “a vast conflagration of unspeakable immorality”.

The website for the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury, Yorkshire claims to promote the “development in spiritual, moral, mental, and physical discipline in accordance with the Islamic sharia”.  Yet the Department of Education is investigating the school for teaching radical Islamic behavior to the students.

A newsletter quotes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, and the section on women reads: “The practice of men and women mixing has only succeeded in plunging mankind in a vast conflagration of unspeakable immorality.

“Parties and gatherings, dances, mixed picnics and co-educational institutions are a shocking revelation of the sexual misdemeanors perpetrated under the guise of the ‘equality of sexes’ is nothing but a carnal ruse to lure men and women…”

The section on Jihad, or holy war, says Muslim must be prepared to lay down their lives and use the “sword” to “annihilate” opponents of Islam.

“Jihad consist in exerting oneself to the utmost in order to personally follow the teachings of Islam. A Muslim, therefore expends all the power of body and soul, his wealth, possessions and even life in the fight against the evil forces of the world in order that injustices, oppression and contumacy are annihilated and Allah’s just order is established”, it says.

These views have been pushed upon the students of this institution for sometime now and the parents obviously take no issue with the promotion of violence in the name of Allah.  After the London bombing, in July of 2005 Melanie Phillips gave warning in her book Londonistan about Dudha.

As reporters crawled over the town, they discovered that Mufti Zubair Dudha, who taught children, teenagers and young adults at the local Tarbiyah Academy and who had condemned suicide bombings, nevertheless was revealed to have written in support of physical jihad against the west, and to have taught his students that “the enemies of the Allah” had schemed “to poison the thinking and minds of [Muslim] youth and to plant the spirit of unsteadiness and moral depravity in their lives”.

It is quite fortunate the fliers fell into the hands of someone who was gravely concerned and brought it to the attention of the Department of Education.

Source: Breitbart




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