ISIS Tells France “We Will Be Coming… To Crush Your Country” In Chilling Video

Another theme of the video released by ISIS is the bombing campaign initiated by the French against the group's forces in Syria following the Paris attacks. Displaying footage of French planes dropping ordinance on ISIS positions and troops, the terrorists blame France for the resulting destruction rather than the Islamic State's recent butchery in Paris. Per Jihad Watch:

“‘Homegrown ISIS fighters invoke ‘our Lord’ in fresh threat of MORE attacks on France,' by Selina Sykes, Express, November 25, 2015:

ISIS: Victory has been promised to us‘In a video posted on Twitter a militant with a French accent warns the people of France: ‘We will be coming. We will come to crush your country.'

The balaclava-clad jihadi adds: ‘Hey you, François [Hollande], you declared war that you cannot win, you will not win.

‘You promise victory for your people. That is for the people of the West. [But] victory has been promised to us by our creator, by our Lord.'

It is not clear where the video was shot.

The threat comes after ISIS released a video showing the Eiffel Tower crumbing, featuring stolen footage from a 2009 action film GI Joe.

The video, entitled ‘Paris has Collapsed’, threatened more attacks on the French capital like the atrocities committed on November 13.

Scenes of French forces bombing the terrorist group in Syria are interspersed with images of the Paris attacks and footage of the Eiffel Tower falling.

France has launched a ‘merciless' bombing campaign against ISIS in Syria in retaliation for the bloody massacre committed by jihadis in its capital.”

The French better stay vigilant, lest ISIS manage to stage a repeat of Paris.

Their government has already shut down over 100 mosques and have discovered large quantities of weapons.  The French will be outgunned as the jihadists eventually rip through their country once the ‘go' order is given.

Source: Jihad Watch




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