ISIS Tricks Woman Into Eating Her Own Child

A year later, Dakhil, one of two Yazidi members of the Iraqi parliament, says her people have been abandoned by Obama.
In a wrenching, on-stage interview at POLITICO’s “Women Rule” event in Washington, Dakhil described a horror and humanitarian crisis — 420,000 Yazidis surviving in refugee camps.

Women and girls continuing to be kidnapped with 2,200 girls now in captivity as sexual slaves. The survivors return from the horror of ISIL and thousands of orphans have no homes.

Dakhil, who is credited with saving many Yazidi women and girls from ISIL captivity, said a letter to Michelle Obama received no response.

This is not what Dakhil imagined when Obama in August 2014 declared that help was on the way. He referenced Dakhil, whose passionate speech on video was shared the world over.

U.S. intervention helped Kurdish forces recapture the mountain, and the surviving Yazidis escaped. Dakhil said the follow-through has been a major disappointment.

In an interview with POLITICO, Dakhil recounted stories of serial rape and torture. One woman said she was forced to watch as ISIL fighters rape her 9-year-old daughter and let the girl bleed to death.
Another told Dakhil she was forced to eat what she was later told was the meat of her toddler.

“One of the mothers calls me … she said ‘for two days the ISIS doesn’t give me any food’ and they separated her children. One of them is 3 years and another is 5 years, after two days they give her rice with meat. After she’s eating, she tell her this is your boy — 3 years,” Dakhil said. “She tells me please, I can’t, I don’t know what can I do — I’m eating my son. This is what happened with those woman under ISIS control and nobody cares. This is I say that to Mr. Obama, ‘Do you agree with…a woman — she ate her son.’”

“We have 3,000 girls who are kidnapped in ISIS and we have 1,000 children between 3 to 10 years who are separated from their families and kept in the special school,” she said. “We don’t know what happened to those children, sometimes we see photos about those children, the girls with the black scarf with the hijab, and the boys with the scarf [gestures to head], they learn how to fight.”

Source: Politico


A traumatized Yazidi child displaced by ISIS drew this sketch of his mother.

The woman was forced to kill and eat her own children.

The text at the bottom reads: “They made my mother eat the ‘meat’ of one of my siblings, and the other [sibling] is lost. ‘My lord,’ how will I live all alone?”

These are images children should never have to see.

Source: Red Flag News



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