ISIS Plot to Carry out Mass Shooting in NYC Thwarted by Police

Police have thwarted yet another ISIS attack on U.S. soil. But, the worst is still yet to come. A New York police officer posing as an ISIS operative, received many disturbing maps, diagrams, and messages that made one point very clear.

‘I wanna kill… them in thousands’ he allegedly wrote, ‘we have to make a ocean out of their blood… Leave no one standing.’

‘NY Needs to fall. It’s a must,’ Haroon allegedly texted the undercover federal agent

Prosecutors unsealed the official charges being levied against Canadian citizen Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy,19, U.S. citizen (residing in Pakistan) Talha Haroon, 19, and Philippine citizen Russell Salic, 37. What did these three men all have in common? A love for Allah or a hatred of the West. Take your pick.

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