ISIS Infiltration? Orlando Shooter Worked for Major DHS Contractor

Considering that the DHS — and the federal government in general — has a history of infiltration by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremist groups, many Americans were not surprised to learn that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen worked for a security company that did contract work for DHS.

The Orlando nightclub terrorist who pledged allegiance to ISIS worked almost a decade for a major Department of Homeland Security contractor, raising alarms that ISIS sympathizers and agents have infiltrated the federal agency set up after 9/11 to combat terrorists.

Officials say Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, an Afghan-American who held two firearms licenses and a security officer license, was employed by the security firm G4S Secure Solutions USA Inc. since Sept. 10, 2007. The Jupiter, Fla.-based company merged with the Wackenhut Corp. after 9/11 and assumed federal contracts.

“G4S supports the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CPB), with its operations at the U.S. ­ Mexico border and with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to transport illegal immigrants in selected urban areas,” the company says in a brochure, titled “Providing Manpower Solutions for Government Services.”

The DHS contract with G4S is worth more than $234 million. The contract states that one of the “performance requirements” is helping identify “suspected terrorists” trying to enter the U.S.
The security contractor also provides security guards and other security services for “90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities.”

Mateen's company, G4S even helped relocate illegal aliens deeper within the United States.

This js where the information gets scary as the document states that G4S uses militarized buses to transport “hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants” into the deep interior of the United States. This fact is also confirmed by a Judicial Watch report noting the same kind of illegal alien transport activities. However, Judicial Watch classified the transport groups as OTM’s, other than Mexicans. These groups are made up of most Central American illegals. However, as the report notes, there are several border crossers from the Middle East. So the organization that Mateen worked for since 2007, has been transporting potential terrorists into the interior of the United States. By the way, Mateen is not the only radical Muslim terrorist who has been caught working for G4s. Sami Kahn was also discovered working for this organization when he was actively supporting and working for al-Qaida.

The immigrants were classified as OTMs (i.e. Other Than Mexican) and included mostly Central American illegals but possibly also foreign border-crossers from the Middle East. This is nothing new. In 2014, I first reported that “Back in 2010, an internal memo was leaked from the Tucson Police Department. which stated that Islamic terrorist groups are commencing operations in Mexico and forming alarming ties with the country’s brutal drug cartels. In turn, the drug cartels are now associated with Hezbollah. The memo also references a large weapons stockpile in Mexico as evidenced by the 2010 Tijuana arrest of Hezbollah militant Jameel Nasr, who was given the job of establishing a well-armed Hezbollah network in Mexico and South America. Nothing new in the Judicial Watch Report, however, two years ago, and prior to Omar Mateen, nobody wanted to listen to what many considered to be conspiracy nonsense. By the way, this network now includes ISIS.

Do you realize what the abovementioned means? It means, that these terror groups have been penetrating the United States and their terrorist cells have been relocated around the United States just waiting for the right to strike. According to the Tucson police memo, the terrorists have had 6 years to lie in wait and plan.

Just When It Can’t Get Any Worse

But the information related to the takeover of Homeland Security and resulting great national security risk does not stop there, it gets far worse. The East German Stasi created enterprise, DHS, has been overrun by radical Muslims from the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last year, I wrote a series of articles which detailed how the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, had gained a large foothold on DHS and was on the way to dominating the institution.

This is not about being a Muslim. This is about senior White House officials having strong ties to a terrorist organization, who in turn, have ties to ISIS.


To make matters worse, the readers should familiarize themselves with one Malik Obama.


This is the same Stasi-type intelligence agency which printed the following training targets for their DHS shooting ranges.



DHS target practice sheet. Any questions?


This is the same DHS that bought 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition. Who are these bullets intended for?

Who are the massive amounts of DHS acquired bullets for?


Do you think that it is only a coincidence that Mateen worked for an organization that brings terrorists into the country. Remember, even the FBI said any group of Muslim immigrants has about 10% radicalized terrorists in their midst.  There are no coincidenced.

DHS has been compromised by design. DHS is  undermining the US from within. This organization needs to be disbanded. Let the American version of the Stasi die.

The mainstream media vehemently attacked Donald Trump this week after the GOP presidential nominee suggested that President Obama may not be as inept as some people believe, but that, in fact, the president's kid glove policies regarding Islamic extremism may be purposeful. This is a story the mainstream media is likely not to report on, so be sure to check Truth And Action for further updates.


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