Is the CIA Actively Planning a Public Biden Assassination?


No one with any intellectually honest political savvy denies that this presidency has been under the tacit control of other high-ranking Democrat operatives who have loyalties in every quarter of the Progressive party except where such loyalties are most needed.  The Obama fanboys and girls and the Clintonistas are just some among the throngs of such operatives that continuously struggle for a leg-up on party influence, hoping to keep their power fresh and ready for the next incarnation of a Slick Willy or Barry.  Yet these masses of Progressive wannabees are just the public face of what the Democrat Party has become.  The useful idiot at the desk of the most powerful position in the world has nearly worn out his usefulness and this does not bode well for the Biden family patriarchy.  Those who are making notes and strategizing at levels far beyond the petty Progressives who are competing for the foothold on this political ladder have been actively moving in the direction of a convincingly clever swan song that is both public and final.

President Joe Biden will be pronounced dead while in office and it will be made to appear as if he died of natural causes.

As shocking as this may seem, let us not forget who we are dealing with here.  The Deep State managed in a very short span of time to convince half of the US population that espousing Conservatism is tantamount to Lizzie Borden purchasing an ax from Home Depot.  With the willing accomplices in the American mainstream media, including all the alphabet networks, as well as most every national newspaper and magazine, radio and televised primetime tripe (not to mention Big Tech and all its Cthulhu-like tendrils) the CIA has essentially hamstrung the Left on the train tracks of Progressivism, forcing the hands of the Pentagon, NSA and the FBI to do its bidding as well.

There is nowhere else for the Left to go and the locomotive is cruising at top speed toward the Donkey Damsel tied to the tracks.

Since we have been old enough to drive, we have consistently been instructed to remain on the Right side of the road.  Suddenly, the true powers behind the puppetry and Kabuki theater at the federal level are guiding the American public into the Left lane of oncoming traffic.  Not only is this deadly for those who are jerking the steering wheel to the Left, but it is equally fatal for those in the oncoming Right lane who are minding their own business and following the rules of the road.

Take the Homer, Alaska couple, for instance, who had their entire world turned upside down in the span of one afternoon because the Federal Bureau of Investigation received their marching orders from on-high to ensure that the media had a juicy story to cover that exposed the “true nature” of those MAGA-loving deviants known as Trump supporters.  This couple’s crime:  they happened to be on the Capitol building grounds on January 6th…exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly…and she looked a LOT like another woman who possibly stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.  Gasp.  Has there been an apology by the State Department or the FBI?  Has the couple been exonerated after this purposefully botched and biased investigation?  Where is the intrepid Bernstein or Rivera on the beat looking at a follow-up story about how this couple continues to be targeted by local law enforcement in their small Alaska community even after they were quietly dropped from Deep State surveillance?

These hundreds of headlines, torn directly from the pages of Huxley and Bradbury dystopian novels, are specifically engineered to steer popular opinion in one direction…and it is working like a charm.  Already, you can hear the hammering of the nails for the gallows that is being constructed for the Trump rallygoers…and it doesn’t end there.  When all is said and done, and the Conservative movement has been summarily silenced and neutered, they will be putting on their greatest show yet:  the public assassination of President Joe Biden.

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