Is a National DNA registry a Good Idea?

Is a National DNA registry a Good Idea?

With the security concerns surrounding the rushed and confused implementation of ObamaCare, is it really a good idea to give the administration even more personal data to play with?

From Occupy Corporatism:

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has begun an initiative to discover the viability of sequencing American infant’s DNA through the “heel stick” blood drawn screening conducted on newborns in hospitals to determine the propensity toward life-threatening diseases.

It’s hard to argue against initiatives that aim to promote health, especially where children are concerned, but programs like ObamaCare prove the DHS and other government agencies have a lot of trust to rebuild before they ought to be anywhere near additional data, particularly if it’s collection is mandatory.

Source: Occupy Corporatism
Photo: Occupy Corporatism


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