Irate Hannity Blasts Cruz for Dodging Questions Regarding Voterless Elections

Sean Hannity interviewed Ted Cruz this week, in what was likely to be a friendly meeting of conservative minds. In reality, it was anything but. After Cruz dodged questions consistently, an Angry Hannity finally let loose on the Republican presidential candidate. Read the transcript below:

“Senator, I'm on social media with millions of people,” Hannity said. “I have 550 radio stations and I have the top-rated cable show at my hour all across the board, and I am telling you that people are telling me that they find this whole process confusing.”

“Sean, the only ones asking this question are the hardcore Donald Trump supporters,” Cruz said.

“Senator, why do you do this? You've got to stop. Every time I have you on the air and I ask a legitimate question, you try to throw this in my face, I'm getting sick of it,” Hannity shot back. “I've had you on more than any other candidate on radio and TV. So if I ask you, senator, a legitimate question to explain to the audience, why don't you just answer it?”

The exchange was no doubt testy, and is representative of just how contentious this primary has become. Hear the interview itself in the video below.

Source: News Max



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