Iranian Officials Boast They Will Defy American Missile Sanctions

Joining in on the hatefest was the Iranian foreign ministry, which referred to the sanctions as “destructive” and vowed to defy. In contrast, they claimed their missile program was “lawful” and vital to their “defense and national security”. One can only assume they feel that way about their nuclear program too.

Of course, anybody with common sense knows that the Iranians are full of it and just looking for any excuse to speed towards developing weapons of mass destruction to use against Israel and the United States.

‘Iran’s ballistic missile program poses a significant threat to regional and global security, and it will continue to be subject to international sanctions,' read a statement from Adam Szubin, acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. ‘We have consistently made clear that the United States will vigorously press sanctions against Iranian activities outside of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – including those related to Iran’s support for terrorism, regional destabilization, human rights abuses, and ballistic missile program.'

The new sanctions come as Iran is expected to receive tens of billions of dollars in frozen assets in accordance with the Iran nuclear deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), agreed upon by the regime in Tehran and the P5+1 world powers.

On Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry announced the U.S. had granted Iran $1.7 billion dollars, repaying the Ayatollah’s theocracy a $400 million dollar debt plus $1.3 billion in interest. Kerry called the payment a ‘fair settlement.' President Obama agreed, claiming ‘the settlement could save us billions of dollars that could have been pursued by Iran.'”

Source: Breitbart




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