Iran: US tells Islamic Republic to keep Missile Tests a Secret

Iran: US tells Islamic Republic to keep Missile Tests a Secret

The media protects Obama, spins his lies into palatable sound bites and keeps the reality of his dangerous foreign policy decisions out of the public purview.  One senior military commander from Iran has made claims that United States officials are secretly supporting the Islamic Republic in keeping its “illicit ballistic missile tests a secret”, so those in the surrounding region will not be anxious.

Yet, Truth and Action has reported time and again that the media is complicit in the cover-up of the Obama Administration and the Democrats who thwart the Constitution. “Obama as they share contempt for the foreign policy experts that have spent their lives promoting and protecting America. In the meantime, the guy who “hates being phony” as Samantha Powers put it, concocts stories and schemes to sell things like a bogus agreement with Iran which will simply give them cover for building a nuclear weapons program. It will also provide an excuse for Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries to do the same in order to protect themselves from Iran and to not lose face in the area. Rhodes is the ultimate phony, and we the victims.
 Obama, is a fake and a liar, but without the complicit press would be exposed for what he is.
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