Iran: US tells Islamic Republic to keep Missile Tests a Secret

The lies and deceit of Obama have put this nation, the entire world, in grave danger, as he turns a blind eye to the broken Iranian deal, and will not take any steps to sanction Iran for their breach of contract, in fact telling them to keep their missile tests a secret.  The Administration orchestrates what the pubic is allowed to think they know, but spoon feeds the press with just enough fodder to make them happy.

Obama controls the puppets in the press and the public is no worse for the wear. But when the US is encouraging Iran to keep their “illicit missile tests a secret”, the job of the press is to bring this to the public's attention, not bury or ignore it.

Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace and Missile Force, said in recent remarks that the Obama administration does not want Iran to publicize its ongoing missile tests, which have raised questions about the Islamic Republic’s commitment to last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement.

“If we agree to this, they will advance another step, and say: ‘Don’t conduct [a missile test] at this time, and also don’t do it in the Persian Gulf region.’ After that, they will tell us: ‘Why do you need your missiles to have a range of 2,000 km [anyway?]?’ Hajizadeh reportedly said.

The military commander expressed concern that the United States will attempt to dissuade Iran from developing missile technology capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

“After that, they will tell [us]: ‘Next, we will check whether your missiles can really carry nuclear weapons. Bring us the details [of the missiles].’ After that, they will say: ‘We need to set up cameras.’ And, finally, they will say: ‘Either saw [the missiles up into pieces] or, like [Libyan dictator Mu’ammar] Gadhafi, load them onto a ship and hand [them] over to us.’” he said.

The United States, according to Hajizadeh “cannot be trusted” and he think Iran “must face them down firmly, and we must act.  If we do not, we will witness daily their exaggerated and evil demands.”

“They are clearly deluding themselves. Nothing like this will ever happen,” he added.

According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department said that the “U. S. policy is to avoid responding publicly to Iran.”

“We generally don’t comment on public remarks by Iranian officials, and especially IRGC officials,” the official told the Free Beacon. “We’re not going to start now.”

“At this time, the Americans are telling [us]: ‘Don’t talk about missile affairs, and if you conduct a test or maneuver, don’t mention it,’” Hajizadeh was quoted as saying during a recent Persian-language speech that was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Even Iranian media seems to have it's strings pulled by Obama.

Source: Free Beacon







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